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Fae: Lost
Book 1 of the Lost Royal

Mor has spent her entire life trying to make her miserable family happy until a chance conversation while working in her brother's coffee shop costs Mor her job and home in one go. Luckily, the man who instigated the upheaval of her life offers her a place to fall. 

Moving in with four sexy guys AND getting out from under her loathsome family? 

Hell yes! 

The guys all thought they were saving a damsel in distress. No one expected her to save them right back.

This book contains four hot Fae men and the girl who doesn't have to choose! This book contains adult content and is intended for readers 18+.

Fae: Beginnings
Book 2 of the Lost Royal

Everything is changing. As if finding four mates and magic wasn't enough, it turns out that Mor is the last remaining survivor of the Fae royal family. Her family is not her family, John is an insane human mage out to steal her power, and she has to take back her kingdom. As Mor journeys to the Fae realm with her mates, they discover that things are going to much harder than they believed.


Armies are gathering against them, and they must find a way to defend the kingdom from the evil that is trying to take over. Mor finally feels like she has found a home with Ben, Sebastian, Max and Atreyu. Will they be able to survive the coming battles? Mor’s mates are determined to take back the kingdom and her rightful place as ruler of the Fae realm. Mor must find her strength to protect what is hers before it's too late.


This book contains adult content. 18+ only!

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Queen of the Lost
Book 1 of the Regina Umbra

Inyx was born in the world of Nusquam and had always known what her lot in life was. She had been born in the bad part of town, and there she would remain. The wealthy hid behind their walls, throwing scraps to the Relicta - the Abandoned - and pretending they didn't exist and doing whatever it was rich people did.


But down in the streets, life was dangerous. Your life was determined by which Cohors you belonged to and if they thought you were useful. Pretty women ended up serving the Cohors in ways that made Inyx shudder to think about. Her mother had managed to keep her hidden from Gladius Sanguinis, thanks be to the Goddess, but now her mother was gone. Killed in the crossfire of another turf war.


When the Sanguis Gladii catches up to her, Inyx is pulled further into the dark underbelly of the city. Will she become just another tool of the Cohors? Or will Inyx find another way?


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Fae: Crowned
Book 3 of the Lost Royal

Mor and her mates are in for the fight of their lives.


Atreyu has been kidnapped and Mor will stop at nothing to get him back. On top of that, Boris Thornheart has surrounded the castle and conscripted the Fae of Water and Fire. Mor must save Atreyu and find a way to free the conscripted Fae.


Mor’s power is growing and she must learn to control it, or all will be lost. Will they be able to rescue Atreyu and the conscripted Fae? Mor and her mates will test their limits and stop at nothing to save the magic realms. But will it be enough?


Queen of the Shadows
Book 2 of the Regina Umbra

The Goddess placed a great blessing on Inyx when she chose her as her hand. Bestowed with unimaginable power, Inyx obeys divine commands with her loyal and loving Sodalis, Titus, Lucian, and Pax, by her side.


But the Church and Cohors are determined to bring merciless death down on Inyx and all who follow her.


As unrest boils through the city and the body count rises, Inyx discovers corruption and dark magic to be at the root of it. To eradicate the evil seeping in, and save countless innocent lives, they must first find its source.


War is brewing, with the Church upping the stakes with fatal intentions. Taking the bold step to bring the fight to them, can Inyx and her men stop the rising darkness? Or will a cloud of evil consume the land?


The Goddess chose Inyx.


And she is coming.

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